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  • Pourush – The Masculine

    This Kathak-Chhau fusion tells the story of a warrior princess who struggles to embrace her feminine and masculine natures. In examining this duality, Pourush challenges audiences to reflect on […]

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  • Chandalika – The Untouchable Maiden

    Chandalika is an examination of the marginalized women, “untouchables,” idealists and dreamers found throughout history in any society. It is a story of discrimination, a story of intense spiritual conflict, a story of self-confidence and self-respect, a story of love and salvation, and a story of selfishness and self- realization.

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  • Kathak Yatra – The Journey of Kathak Dance

    The critically acclaimed Kathak Yatra follows Kathak’s evolution through time, beginning with its inception in Hindu temples, through its evolution as a form of entertainment for kings and emperors, […]

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  • Soul to Sole

    Set to the soulful musical stylings of legendary singer Robert Robinson and members of the Twin Cities Gospel Choir, this uplifting and inspiring show honors the importance of overcoming […]

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