Ritu Mailer

Friday, March 2nd & Saturday, March 3rd at 7:30pm

The O’Shaughnessy at St. Catherine University, 2004 Randolph Avenue, Saint Paul

Tickets:  $15-$29        Ticket Office:  oshag.stkate.edu or 651-690-6700

Katha Dance Theatre presents two works in the tradition of Kathak. An Indian dance form that originated in Hindu temples to portray epic tales and poetry through beautiful, intricate movement.

Ritusamhara – The Seasons was inspired by poetry written 17 centuries ago by the great Kalidasa. This romantic, rhythmic story follows a couple’s evolving emotions as they journey through the changing seasons. Original music composed by Sharat Chandra Srivastava of New Delhi, India. Choreography by Katha Dance Theatre founder and artistic director Rita Mustaphi. Performed by Katha Dance Theatre company members: Rita Mustaphi, Anurag Sharma, Nivedita Sahni, Mukta Sathe, Monica Singh, Sarika Haris, Rupa Nair, along with two apprentices, Kamala Nair and Madhulika Srikanth.

Baromase Tero Parbon is a collection of dances portraying a few of the traditional festivals that celebrate the 12 months of the Hindu calendar. Performed by hidden talents from the Minnesota Bengali community.


Ritu-The Seasons by Katha Dance Theater is made possible by the generosity of the following supporters:


Katha Dance Theatre Performs at Khajuraho!


Katha Dance Theatre has just finished their two week tour of India where they were featured at the acclaimed Khajuraho Classical Dance Festival.

KDT performed onstage at the event on February 23rd. Their performance of Karna – The Abandoned Hero featured the first Kathak dance and Gospel music fusion piece ever performed in India.  KDT company dancers were accompanied by local renowned musicians, The Steeles, with JD Steele, Billy Steele, and Gretchen Baglyos. This performance was very well received and was a highlight of the seven day dance festival.

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KDT’s tour of India featured performances at:

February 25th – Vasantotsava.   Kamani Auditorium,  New Delhi

February 27th – Lokchandra & Indian Habitat Center, Stein Auditorium,  New Delhi

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Updated Press Kit

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Pourush – Twin Cities Arts Review

“… Katha Dance Theatre’s show Pourush – The Masculine is spectacular … catches breaths and entwines eyes, with interesting movements small and large wrapped in a web of music …”