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Sarika Haris

Company Dancer & Instructor
Image for Sarika Haris

Sarika Haris began her dance journey in India, where she studied Bharatanatyam, the South Indian classical dance style, for over nine years. She joined KDT as a student under Guru Rita Mustaphi in 1999. Her selected performance credits with KDT as a company member include Kathak E-motion (2023), Shaamya – Of Equality (2021), The Hungry Stones (2018) Ritu โ€“ The Seasons (2018), Sufiana โ€“ the Sufi Ecstasy (2016), Pourush โ€“ The Masculine (2015); Rubaiyat โ€“ Life in a Day (2014), In Retrospect (2012), and the lead role in KDTโ€™s production of Chandalika – The Untouchable. A student of Kathak masters Pandit Birju Maharaj and Ms. Saswati Sen, she performed in Indiaโ€™s Khajuraho Dance Festival in 2017. Sarika has been a KDT instructor since 2017 and a Company member since 2002.