The School

Katha Dance School offers instructional programs of high quality Kathak, the dance of North India. KDT advances knowledge and promotes the arts through research, scholarship, and creative activities. It encourages the student to develop an understanding of the art of Kathak dance by providing dance experiences, which have artistic as well as educational value.

Founded by Director Rita Mustaphi, KDT School is the premier Kathak dance school in Minnesota, offering the finest of Kathak dance tradition and culture of India. KDT School welcomes all dancers regardless of ability or experience. The curriculum taught by KDT instructors emphasizes a strong classical technique that suggests a sense of energy, self-determination and joy—reflecting the kind of dancing favored by Katha Dance Theatre.

Director Mustaphi also serves as the Master Teacher, accompanied by additional Instructors.

Browse our Classes to find one that suits your location and skill level.  Then sign up via our online Registration page.

KDT provides learning opportunities for all, often by offering scholarships to socio-economically disadvantaged students, as well as  work/study opportunities. For more information on financial requirements and options, visit the Tuition page.